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Rick's Touch Massage & Bodywork

(Mobile Massage)

MA 25941

Thank you for your interest in Massage Therapy and for visiting my website.
You will experience a gentle o​r deep massage and feel completely and utterly renewed.
I am confident that with my specialized attention to your needs you will have a refreshing massage experience.

Allow me to give you an amazingly eup​horic and relaxing session.

Soothe away your troubles with a massage that will relieve tired muscles, get rid of pain and stress.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate luxury and comfort. The Body Cushion System that I utilize is designed to revolutionize and optimize your level of ther​apy. Its patented, specific-density construction provides optimal support reducing pressure, and bringing an unprecedented level of comfort to every client, epecially enhancing your “face down” experience. With one session on these heavenly Body Cushions you’ll be too spoiled to enjoy an ordinary flat table massage—ever again!

I am extremely excited utilizing the RRT Pro 2 along with my massage sessions. This wonderful advancement in Therapy Technology allows for treatment for scar tissue, headaches, TMJ, range of motion, carpal tunnel, trapped nerves and tendinosis. It truly is amazing, and you'll love the results.

Relax, Rejuvenate and Renew

Demands of work, family, school, or health issues can sometimes make it hard to take the time out for yourself. Get ready to receive one the best massages, if not THE BEST massage you will ever experience.

May great health be with you always.

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